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The facial menu includes some of the most popular treatments. Each client is unique and very often, I end up creating a treatment that is a custom-hybrid of the facials on the menu. 

Facial pricing is ALL INCLUSIVE. This means no "add ons" or "upsells" during your treatment. The more time we have to work on your skin, the more I can include!

How much time should I book?


A 30 minute Facial ($75) is the starting point all facials are built upon. The focus is exfoliation which smooths the skin, allows your makeup to go on smoother and gives the skin an overall brightness.

A 60 minute Facial ($150) is an opportunity to build upon the benefits of a 30 min. session. With the 60 min. session, we get to exfoliate AND add on another facial like pore cleanse, 4 layer vitamin C peel or any other anti-aging technology. I like to call it a Double Treatment because we are really doing 2 facials in one visit!

A 90 minute Facial ($225) is all the things! LED Light Therapy, the Oxygen Dome and Nano Infusion are some of the things I don't always get to utilize in a shorter time frame because they take about 15 minutes each. This facial allows plenty of time to include all the bells and whistles!

Double Treatment Facial...$150    

60 mins.

Dermaplane + Vitamin C Lift

Dermaplane + Pore Cleanse

Intensive Pore Cleanse

Dermaplane + Corrective Peel

Dermaplane + Anti Aging 

Dermaplane + Oxygen Glow

Triple Treatment Facial...$225

90 mins.

Dermaplane + Vitamin C Lift + Anti Aging

Dermaplane + Pore Cleanse + Oxygen Glow

Dermaplane + Corrective Peel + Light Therapy

Intensive Pore Cleanse + Light Therapy + Oxygen Glow


30 mins.


Skin resurfacing with the use of a blade to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove peach fuzz.

Vitamin C Lift

A 4-layer facial with Vitamin C, enzymes and AHAs gently exfoliates while infusing the skin with potent antioxidants.

Pore Cleanse

Blackhead dissolving treatment with hydro-extractions. Ideal for mild pore congestion or a concentrated area of blackheads.


Corrective Peels...$75

30 mins.

Corrective Peels are designed to increase cell renewal with active ingredients for skin-specific concerns. ​Visible "peeling" after a peel is not the goal with a progressive treatment philosophy. Our formulas blend potent ingredients with botanical brighteners, plant-derived stem cells and anti-aging peptides resulting in an immediate glow.

Acne Lift     Blemishes & excess oil

Wrinkle Lift     Texture & Firmness

Lightening Lift    Dark Spots