We offer comprehensive facials with state of the art equipment to give you treatments that provide results. The Art of Esthetics is found in working with the skin's natural repairing abilities to achieve younger looking skin with non-invasive treatments. Advanced skincare is not about luxury, it's about making a change in your skin that you can feel and other people notice. With our skincare program, we can improve:

  • Dullness/Lack of Vitality

  • Pore Size/Blackheads

  • Lines/Wrinkles

  • Dark Spots/Scars

  • Firmness/Elasticity


 Water+Serum facial resurfaces, clears the pores and infuses hydration into the skin. The vortex fusion wand allows for painless blackhead extraction and cleanses the pores of debris.


Dermaplaning removes the upper layers of the skin as well as peach fuzz to allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper to repair damage, lighten dark spots, increase cell turnover and tighten skin.

 Light Therapy

 Developed by NASA technology, LED light waves penetrate the skin to affect processes that take place in the deeper levels of the skin. Red LED is anti aging and stimulates the production of ATP which is the energy cells use to function. Blue LED kills Acne Bacteria and helps heal and reduce blemishes. Green LED targets the melanocytes that cause hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Oxygen Dome

Delivers highly concentrated oxygen to the skin with an oxygenized mist providing hydration and plumping. Oxygen is great for giving a healthy glow to the skin. If you have any health conditions, take medications long-term, smoke or are exposed to smoke/environmental pollutants, your skin may be showing signs of stress. Oxygen mist infuses the skin with nutrients it needs for vitality.

Nano Infusion

A dermapen creates micro-channels to drive serums deeper into the skin. Stimulates skin to produce collagen for a plumping and anti aging effect





Choose Your Facial

HydraGlow   $150

4-step hydrodermabrasion facial: Cleanse + Peel + Extract + Hydrate

Targets Blackheads & Large Pores

50 min.

Ultimate Rejuvenation Dermaplane & Nano Infusion Facial   $120

Dermaplane + Nano Infusion + Masque w/Ultrasonic 

Targets Signs of Aging for non-sensitive skin

50 min.

Red Carpet Glow Oxygen Facial   $150

Botanical Peel + Bubbling Oxygen Masque + Oxygen Dome

Targets Signs of Aging for sensitive skin

50 min.

Choose Your Upgrades  

Dermaplane            Manual Extractions

LED Light Therapy     Nano Infusion

Oxygen Dome

Boost results and customize your Facial. Each upgrade is $25 and adds an additional 20 min. to treatment time. Ask how you can get a FREE upgrade every month!

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