Dermaplane Series of 3   $225

Single Treatment   $75

Smooths skin surface , aids in youthful cell turnover and removes peach fuzz. Mini Facial includes dermaplane, facial massage, plumping masque & ultrasonic treatment.

Recommended monthly with less frequent visits needed after approximately 6 months.


Expression Line Series of 3   $285

Single Treatment   $115

Improve forehead lines, crows feet and lines between the brows without needles. Years of repeated muscle contractions in this area can cause connective tissue to thicken and become stuck, trapping muscle fibers and pulling the skin. Specialized vacuum and massage manipulations are directed at breaking up the stuck tissue and increasing circulation to bring oxygen and nutrients to the area. Lines are softened and improve with consistent treatments. 

1-2 series of weekly treatments recommended with monthly maintenance thereafter.

*Specifically focused to the eye/Forehead area- does not include the whole face.

Tighten & Glow Series of 3   $450

Single Treatment   $175

Improve overall appearance & youthful vitality of the skin. Facial massage and vacuum therapy increase circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients to the skin; revitalizing from the inside out. Thermal Skin Tightening stimulates collagen and tightens the connection between the skin and underlying tissue. 

12 monthly treatments recommended with maintenance a few times a year thereafter.

*Includes full face & neck



Not Sure Which Facial to Choose? Book a Custom Facial

Based on your consultation, the Esthetician will customize your facial with: Dermaplaning, HydroPore Cleansing, Thermal Skin Tightening or Facial Massage/Vacuum.

30 min   $75

​45 min   $120

60 min   $150

 HydroPore Cleanse

 Water+Serum facial clears the pores and infuses hydration into the skin. The vortex fusion wand allows for assists in blackhead removal and cleanses the pores of debris.


Dermaplaning removes the outermost layers of the epidermis as well as peach fuzz. Recommended once a month to keep skin on a youthful cell replacement cycle.

Thermal Skin Tightening

The relaxing treatment stimulates collagen remodeling and causes the skin to tightly adhere to underlying tissue due to the formation of new collagen bonds between the skin and muscles. This firms the skin from the inside out.

 Facial Massage/Vacuum

 Stimulates the lymphatic system, which is the body's natural detox system. It improves dull, lifeless skin and with regular treatments, can stimulate stem cell proliferation in the skin. A natural therapy that can increase the skin's youthful vitality.

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