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Danielle George, Licensed Master Esthetician

  • 25 years Experience

  • Advanced Certifications in multiple specialty areas

  • Image MD Skincare- Professional-only, advanced ingredients

  • Licensed Massage Therapist & Creator of "Botox Facial Massage"tm- a technique that addresses the connective tissue in the skin to re-hydrate and release expression lines. (Included in each facial when appropriate.)

Dermaplane Facial...$85

Exfoliation with use of a blade to remove cell buildup and peach fuzz. Dermaplane provides instant results with no downtime.  Makeup goes on smoother and skin looks fresh and vibrant. Dermaplane addresses both aging and pore concerns. Includes custom masque and skincare to address your skin needs.


Dermaplane + Thermal Skin Tightening...$150

Radio Frequency is used to create heat in the lower layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen production and increases firmness. It is a relaxing facial and feels like a heated massage. This facial is perfect for those looking for a plumping, firming facial and glowing skin.

Dermaplane + Pore Cleanse...$150

Clear pore congestion & blackheads. A dissolving gel is used to melt blackheads and pores are cleared with hydrofacial vacuum suction machine. 

Upgrade any Facial with Jelly Masque + Neck & Shoulder Massage...$20

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