Spray Tanning  

Our Spray Tan is hand-applied by a certified spray tan professional. With proper care, spray tans can last up to a week. Please follow both pre and post spray tanning instructions to ensure you get the best results.

Organic Spray Tan $50

Rinse after 8 hours

Pre-Tan Instructions

-Shower & exfoliate with a body scrub or loofah/gloves before your appointment.

-Do not apply any oils, lotions, perfumes, deodorant or makeup. Spray tan must be applied to clean, dry skin.

-Choose swimsuit or undergarments to wear to the appointment keeping desired tan lines in mind. 

-Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment. Avoid leggings, tight bras, jeans or shoes that will rub against the skin.

-Don't get a spray tan if you are currently sunburned or peeling.

Post-Tan Instructions

-Plan for the tan... don't get wet or sweat for 8 hours.

-Your first shower needs to be water rinse only. No soap for 24 hours because even though the bronzer has been rinsed off, the color is still developing.

-Moisturize skin every day for longer lasting color.

-On day 5, begin lightly exfoliating skin to assist in more even fading of color.

Spray Tan Policy

We offer premium tanning solutions applied with the most advanced equipment by a skilled and certified professional. You must follow instructions for pre-tan skin preparation and also during the tan development process. The success of the spray tan is dependent on what happens before and after the spraying appointment. There are also certain skin conditions or hormones that can affect results. If you have never spray tanned before, we recommend a trial run if you are tanning for a special event.

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