Organic Spray Tan $35

Natural brown-based color-Rated #1 Organic Spray Tan Solution by Allure Magazine!


Our Spray Tan is hand-applied by a certified spray tan professional. With proper care, spray tans can last up to a week. Please follow both pre and post spray tanning instructions to ensure you get the best results.

Pre-Tan Instructions

-Shower & exfoliate with a body scrub and shave before your appointment.

-Avoid perfume/scented body products after your pre-tan shower. Fragrances can alter color results.

-Makeup will act as a barrier to tan application, arrive makeup-free.

-Choose swimsuit or undergarments to wear to the appointment keeping desired tan lines in mind. If you want no tan lines, that's ok too!

-Wear loose fitting clothing to your appointment. Avoid leggings, tight bras, jeans or shoes that could smudge the application.

-Don't get a spray tan if you are currently sunburned or peeling.

Post-Tan Instructions

-Plan for the tan... don't get wet or sweat for 8 hours.

-Your first shower needs to be water rinse only. No soap for 24 hours because the color is still developing.

-Moisturize skin daily for longer lasting color.

-On day 5, begin lightly exfoliating skin to assist in more even fading of color.

Tanning for a Special Event?

  • If you've never had a Spray Tan before, we recommend scheduling your first spray tan a few weeks prior to the event so you will be familiar with the process and outcome.

  • Recommended timing for appointment  is 24-48 hours before the event.

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