Specializing in Cellulite Reduction & Skin Tightening after Pregnancy and Weight Loss

Treatments performed by a Licensed Esthetician/Massage Therapist with Certifications in Body Contouring

  • Improves condition of connective tissue which tightens skin & eliminates cellulite

  • Non-invasive; works with the body to smooth fat deposits and firm skin

  • Treatments are relaxing and you can return to regular activities immediately




How many treatments will I need?

A Body Contouring Program is similar to partnering with a Personal Trainer. Although many people notice improvement after only 1 session, it typically takes 3-12 sessions to achieve results. We are working with the body in a non-invasive way, making changes in the collagen & connective tissue. The body will need to process cellular waste through the lymphatic & excretory system and well as remodel collagen. This is a gradual process and requires consistency to get results. It is ideal for someone who does not want to stress their body with invasive or uncomfortable procedures.

How often will I need to come?

Weekly or every 2 weeks 

How much does it cost?

Sessions take 60 min per body area and are $150 each.


What areas can you treat?

Skin Tightening after Pregnancy or Weight Loss:

Typical areas are Stomach/Waist/Muffin Top & Upper Arms. Skin Tightening can be done anywhere on the body. 

Cellulite Elimination & Smoothing + Shaping

Inner Thigh/Thigh Gap   

Outer Thigh/Saddlebags   


Do you offer packages/specials?

No- pricing is straightforward and a large up-front investment is not required to get started.  If you price shop for body contouring services, you will find the going rate is $250-$350 per session with better pricing only available when multiple sessions are purchased up front. We want clients to stick with the program because they are benefitting from the treatment, not because they are locked in.

How Does It Work?


  • Thermal Skin Tightening uses gentle heat to stimulate collagen and tighten the connection between the skin and underlying tissue for collagen remodeling resulting in firmer, tighter skin.


  • Remodels stuck tissue which causes fat pockets that give a dimpled appearance. Improving tissue condition will result in a smoother appearance and overall reduction of volume in the area. This massage is vigorous and more along the lines of a "workout" vs. a "massage.

  • LASER LIPO (Low Level Light Therapy)

  • Creates openings in the fat cells, allowing contents to leak out which are then expelled through the execratory system. 

How Do I get the Best Results? 

  • Stay on a consistent schedule of weekly appointments.

  • Collagen remodeling and fat cell elimination have to take place through the body systems. Drink water to aid the body in this process.

  • The healthier you are overall, the better your results will be. This means good nutrition, plenty of sleep, sufficient water intake and no alcohol or smoking. Fast food, high carb/fats/sugar or caffeine do not support the body in fat elimination/skin tightening.

Body Contouring cannot be performed on individuals with any of the following:

  • Current Cancer Diagnosis/Treatment

  • Rash, inflammation, broken skin or skin condition in the areas being treated

  • Surgery in the area within 2 months

  • Liver Conditions

  • Kidney Conditions

  • Problems with Swelling/Edema

  • Conditions that cause fluid retention/bloating

  • Any condition affecting the lymphatic system