Swedish Relaxation Massage

  • Ideal for Stress Relief & Relaxation

  • Relieves General Muscle Tension

  • Recommended if you have never had a massage before

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Ideal for Chronic Pain Relief

  • Working into deeper layers to break up muscle knots

  • Muscle soreness is possible for up to 3 days after massage

Combo Massage

  • Deep Tissue in problem areas, relaxation for the rest of the body


30 min  $55       

60 min   $85

90 min   $125

2 Hour   $240

Specialty Massage Treatments

60 min Pregnancy Massage   $90   

60 min Hot Stone Massage   $125

60 min Couples Massage   $130 per person 

Swedish or Combo Massage provided for 2 people in the same room by 2 Therapists

Online booking not available- Please text (205) 837-8252 to book couples massage


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