Swedish Relaxation Massage

  • Ideal for Stress Relief & Relaxation

  • Relieves General Muscle Tension

  • Recommended if you have never had a massage before

30 min Swedish  $55       

60 min Swedish   $85

60 min Pregnancy Massage   $90   

60 min Hot Stone Massage   $125

60 min Aromatherapy Massage  $125 

90 min Swedish   $125

Deep Tissue Massage

  • Ideal for Chronic Pain Relief

  • Working into deeper layers to break up muscle knots

  • Muscle soreness is possible for up to 3 days after massage

30 min Deep Tissue   $55

60 min Deep Tissue- Upper Body   $85

60 min Deep Tissue-Full Body   $85

Combo Massage-Swedish Massage + Deep Tissue

60 min Combo   $85

Deep Tissue for 1 area, Swedish full body

90 min Combo   $125

Deep Tissue for 2 areas, Swedish full body

120 min Combo   $180

Deep Tissue for 2 areas, Swedish full body


Couples Massage

Swedish or Combo Massage provided for 2 people in the same room by 2 Therapists

60 min   $100 per person

Online booking not available- Please text (205) 837-8252 to book

Deep Tissue + Cupping   $85

30 min massage + 20 min cupping

Cupping is beneficial for pain relief, to increase circulation, oxygenate the cells and encourages overall health. Cupping lifts muscle and fascia tissue away from the center of the body. This opens space and allows blood flow and oxygen to increase in an area and allows cellular waste blockages to be cleared by the body's natural detox system. In areas where there is buildup of cellular waste, cupping will produce dark red or purple spots similar to a bruising.

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